"The Nation's Largest Source of Recruitment for the Travel Industry"




The “Kudos” you are about to read are from Yours In Travel’s Client Companies, Candidates, and Organizations
for whom Mr. King has lectured, as well as those from our Parent Company, P. Jason King Associates, Inc.


"Utell International has used your services for a number of years.(18+) You have fulfilled our personnel needs with candidates of high, professional, hardworking, trustworthy caliber. Our latest recruitment through your company has been our Accounts Manager for North and South America...currently in London...(she) has been outstanding."

Chris Riga
Vice President Worldwide
Marketing & Sales
(a client since 1973)


"Better than 80 percent of our staff has come from your (company). Certainly proves to us that your staff does its work screening the people you send...You must be doing more than something right."

Sheldon Sackman


"Although we've only used your service to recruit our Vice President of Sales, I must compliment you on your dedication to service and professional way of doing business...Highly recommend your service to any travel company searching for the highest caliber of candidate."

Louis Van Leeuwen
A division of The 3M Company
(a client since 1987)


"Thank you for helping us locate our current Retail Manager (in NY)...and our Operations Manager in Los Angeles. It is no major task for you to find great personnel in your home city - but to find the ideal candidate for our California office was a tremendous feat."

John Deacon
(a client since 1973)


"For the second time in my twenty-two years in the travel industry, Yours In Travel has helped me advance my career. The thought of moving back to the New York area from Florida presented many challenges. My biggest challenge was to find employment with a major company which offered me the financial and professional growth opportunities...I was amazed that within one week of our preliminary meeting, you were able to find the perfect position which matched my skills and requirements...I cannot thank you enough."

Phil C.
Customer Service Manager
a Panasonic Company


"Thanks for all your help in our search for an Operations Manager in our Seattle Office. You have helped us often...your earlier placements have become key people here...one who started in operations is now our Manager Reservations Department, another who started in as an air agent is now Supervisor of Air Department. We are a fortunate company in that we seldom have employees leave us, but when I need someone for a special position, or someone with specific skills, I know I can get your very valuable assistance."

Margaret Hart
Director of Operations


"It is a rare privilege to be able to write to a proprietor of a business during the early days of setting up and convey to him the heartfelt thanks for the extraordinary service and support. As you are aware we have had a very ambitious and aggressive business plan to commence our operations in the USA. These encompassed 7 locations each staffed completely. We were not only new to the cities but to the United States as well. It is crucial to us in the service industry to have the appropriate personnel particularly when they are engaged as managers. The speed of success of our operations was totally dependant upon obtaining and recruiting candidates with relevant background, experience and attitude. In this, your office has been invaluable and I am very impressed with the level of your expertise which stretches across the USA. Your service was totally personalized, very informative and crucial in our evaluations. My personal thanks once again for all your efforts."

Shahrookh R. Cambata


"I would like to compliment you on the professional and thorough job you have done in providing my company with well selected candidates for the job we requested. Enclosed you will find an additional set of requirements for one more position. Thank you for your attention. I am looking forward in doing more business with you."

Amos Nachoum


"I commend you and offer high praise for the professional job you did in providing us with our General Manager/Controller. The job specs were difficult ones which involved both high accounting and financial skills and experience and a high competence in the management of a large and growing travel agency corporate division. You grasped our needs well and knew how to seek out the person who would suit our needs. I am sure we would never have found her without your efforts."

Richard M. Koerner
(a client since 1984)


"Congratulations on your 15th Anniversary - 15 years of providing only the best talents to the professional world. Isram has enjoyed working with you in the past and we look forward to more prosperous years ahead for both of us."

A. Ady Gelber


"The contributions you have made in attracting and placing high quality human resource talent in this organization have been invaluable. The manner in which you have conducted your business affairs with all levels of management in the Company demonstrates the highest level of professionalism and for this we are most grateful. We look forward to a continuing relationship despite the distance between Seattle and New York. On behalf of all of the Human Resource staff and the Company, we thank you for your dedication and commitment."

Angelo Peluso
Vice President Personnel
(a client since 1974)


"...How pleased I am with the personnel you have placed with USTOA. ...The most precious of all resources in the New York marketplace is time. Yours In Travel has consistently saved me this most elusive commodity by extremely high caliber placements that would never occur quickly through the traditional supply and demand adjustments. I am so pleased with my present Yours In Travel placements that I hope they will never leave; however, I know if need be, Jason King stands ready."

Robert E. Whitley


"Your company has provided invaluable service over the past years. We now have four key employees playing important roles in our success...whose employment resulted directly from your efforts. You seem to come up with the right person for the right job time and again, all done in a most professional manner...We think of you first when we have travel related jobs to fill."

Meyer Liberman


"Thank you for placing our Operations Manager...she has been with us now two and a half years and is a real expert."

William J. Alderson


"I have always been extremely satisfied with how quickly you have sourced qualified candidates. I feel fortunate to work with your company in that you are able to find quality people with travel background in an expeditious manner. You have never wasted my time with applicants that were not suitable for the given position. No other agency/search firm has been able to provide me with the caliber of service you do, which in turn makes my job a lot easier." (PS Thanks for placing our new VP Sales for NCL & Royal Viking Cruises)

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Harriet Schwartz
Manager Employment/Employee Relations
(a client since 1991)


"It is not often that any organization provides the level of service and expertise that you have for our company. Thank you for all the past work you have done for Players World Travel." (Placed their Senior VP Operations, VP Sales & Marketing, and Call Center Manager to name a few...)

Stan Harfenist


"We have four Yours In Travel placements celebrating their first and second year anniversaries! (Your Staff's) thoroughness in screening applicants was especially appreciated by me, as it enabled me to interview the best candidates - and most important, saved me valuable time." (Placed their Director of Sales, Controller, Operations Coordinator, Secretary).

Jeannie Rodgers
Vice President


"Thank you for the many excellent candidates that you have referred to us. As you know KHA has embarked on a major expansion...we could not manage this growth without an expanded staff...We have turned to you on many occasions, and I can honestly say that you have never let us down...Without exception every candidate that you have sent us has been superbly well qualified."

Michael H. Wellner


"Working with Yours In Travel has been very helpful to Lindblad Special Expeditions over the past ten years. You and your staff have given both the time and the interest to get to know our company well enough to be able to screen candidates very effectively, not only for skill and knowledge but also for personality fit into our company culture. There have been times when we gave you short time to come up with candidates, and we have always appreciated your total effort when we needed someone yesterday! You staff is professional and easy to work with."

Maggie Hart
Director of Operations


"Domenico Tours has been dealing with Mr. Jason King and his staff for several years and have found them to be dynamic, progressive, and unquestionably upstanding. I have personally worked with Mr. King on several projects and have found his commitment and reputation a proven and effective means for Domenico Tours."

Thomas Di Domenico
Senior Executive Vice President


"Yours In Travel, and its President, P. Jason King, are one of the most reputable and reliable personnel organizations that Allied Tours has ever dealt with. I have known and dealt with them over the course of many years and have found them to be very professional. They have a clear understanding of the Travel Industry and have been instrumental in raising the standards of excellence in our field."

Marilyn Reis
Vice President


"Thank you once again performing your magic and placing an outstanding Travel Manager. Not only is (she) extremely qualified and knowledgeable, but she's a perfect fit with our agency's culture. I know that you deal mainly with placements in the travel industry, but you certainly have an understanding of the needs of the advertising industry as well...Although our placements with Yours In Travel have been limited (two Travel Managers over the past few years) both placements were outstanding."

Jane T. Watson
Vice President, Associate Director
Human Resources


"Over the course of many years within the Travel Industry, I find it difficult to recall someone as dedicated to their occupation as you and your staff. It is no mean trick to work closely with a client, who, like myself has so many details and pressures to deal with on a day-to-day basis. When I first found you through NBTA, and I decided to give you an opportunity to prove your wherewithal, I thought an agency in New York was surely not going to find a Meeting Planning (Manager) professional way up here in Branford. I was wrong. You quickly assessed my needs and provided me with many qualified candidates, from which I hired one. This person has worked out very well and has been with us for over 2 years now. Since then you have assisted me in other searches with which I am most pleased. In these ever most changing times, you are truly a valuable asset for any Corporate Travel Manager to have."

Robert J. Zartarian
Director, Corporate Travel Services


"Mr. King has always acted in a most professional manner and is extremely knowledgeable in all areas of the Incentive Industry...with respect to his field of executive search and personnel related to our industry, he is held with highest regard."

Joel Grossman
Executive Vice President


"We have been doing business with your organization for a number of years now, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your dedication. Through your invaluable assistance, we have been able to place several effective sales managers, who in their professional selling methods, have certainly assisted us in reaching our corporate sales objectives. I personally highly recommend your organization to any travel industry related company who desires the very best possible in their search for effective employees."

Russ Varvel
Senior Vice President
Sales and Marketing


"We have been doing business with your fine organization for some time now. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your dedication. Through your invaluable assistance we have been able to hire several highly skilled candidates, including our Vice President, Consumer Division, an Operations Coordinator, and most recently our Full Charge Bookkeeper."

Nick Mancino


"Two of our top employees were hired through Yours In Travel over 3 years ago and they have worked out beautifully. You do a very good job of screening applicants and sending us what we are looking for in terms of experience and qualifications."

Paul Danilow


"I would like to thank you and your staff for the wonderful assistance you have always given us. As you know, our entire staff has been hired through Yours In Travel, and I must commend you for your astute ability in screening applicants and providing the most professional persons for our needs."

Marc Kabat
(a client since 1973)


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